Celebrating Victories

How much it matters to celebrate even the small victories! Especially during tough times, we celebrate progress, we celebrate little wins, we celebrate each step on the path toward our goal.

Many of you know I’ve been working on walking more and it has been challenging. Ever since I was in hospital for shortness of breath in February, and even before then, shortness of breath has at times made it challenging to walk even a couple of steps. I’ve set out chairs in my home to help me make it from room to room. Our home is not large, but there were times I could not walk to the next room without a rest to let my blood oxygen levels rise – even while on oxygen.

I walked in the house with oxygen very slowly, and aimed for a six minute walk each day initially. Often I had to rest more than once during the six minute walks. Eventually the length of walks could increase with fewer rests. The whole time, the goal was to keep my blood oxygen level between 91 and 95%. Often it would dip way down in the 80’s very suddenly. Sometimes even to the low 70’s. Not good.

My treatment breaks seem to be doing good for this body so far, and we are very grateful and quite excited about this – about being alive. To be real, it seemed that I was very close to death for a couple of months. Quite a few people have said they thought so, including my palliative care doctor.

I’m doing better in general, and even on lower oxygen levels in recent days. So very thankful!

I’ve been walking up and down on the street for a few months, with a walker or carrying my oxygen tank, or pulling it with a little cart. I’ve worked on lengthening these walks, and have been able to walk to the end of the street and back most days recently.

Yesterday, with the support and encouragement of my kids, we walked around the block together. Two of them were with me, and they said (if needed) one could run back and get my walker while the other stayed with me. One carried my oxygen tank and the other helped watch my oxygen monitor. Together we made it all the way around the block. First time in over six months!

Those of you who know where I live will tell you it’s not a long distance, not a big block. We still celebrate small victories, and this one felt really big. You are invited to celebrate together with us! I was tired today, and just walked up and down the street this evening, but yesterday, together we proved that I am able to walk all the way around the block. Gosh it felt good!

We don’t have cures for lung cancer the way we would like yet, but more and more treatments are being developed and getting approved. We celebrate the small victories on the path to cures.

One of my doctors said they don’t understand why I’m doing so well on this treatment break. There is so much to learn about cancer and treatments, and people’s responses to treatment. Did my body kick into gear and start fighting off the cancer? That was this doctor’s theory, based on over 20 years experience with people affected by different kinds of cancers. I don’t know why my scans are looking better and I’m feeling better, but I’m giving thanks for this beautiful good gift of extended life.

Here’s a big shout out to those who speak encouragement into my life. You make a world of difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cheers to you! You are helping to keep me going. Encouragement and support really matter.

Cheers to the researchers, doctors and teams who are working for better, longer lives for people affected by cancer! I know for a fact that doctors are cheering for their patients and very happy when we do better. When you get the opportunity, please say encouraging words and thanks to people who encourage and care for people. Please support and encourage and thank those who research, who work very hard for small victories, with hope for effective treatments and cures. So much gratitude and hope!

Those of you who are following this story and cheering for health improvements … please join in and celebrate this victory!








17 thoughts on “Celebrating Victories

  1. You are doing a super job, Jill. What an incredible strength and determination. I’m glad the family went with you. love and prayers, Elaine

  2. Celebrating you Jill and your amazing courage over so many years of fighting cancer. You truy are a hero and such a role model for countess others on the same path.

    May the Lord Jesus shower you and your wonderful supportive chidren with love joy and peace. ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

    • I am thrilled your breathing is improving. I am working through my fears when I need to sit periodically from the walk or exertion. Praying for your recovery. Thank you for sharing your history.

  3. Cheers Jill! I’m elated that you are feeling great and more alive on this treatment break. Keep up the walking and striving in your thriving. This brings such hope to all of our fellow survivors, especially the newly diagnosed.

  4. Jill – I’m so happy for your big journey around the block! I too am learning to walk short distances after suffering a deep vein thrombosis following a knee replacement in late June. Learning also to be patient and rejoice in small accomplishments! You are a beautiful witness of these things and I continue to hold you in my prayers and ask the same of you.
    In Christ, Liana

  5. Sister Jill, you are such a freaking champion!
    By God’s grace, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
    Keep on keeping on, and let that love carry you.

  6. Wooooohooo, Jill and kids I’m SO proud of you!!!!Such good news. You impress me every day and your research and medical team are amazing. Keep on keeping on. Cheers to small, (but really big) amazing victories. Keep on praying sisters & brothers in Christ.

  7. Wow, celebrating with you today these small victories.
    Sending hugs, prayers and good wishes.
    You are an inspiration to so many.
    Thank God abd thank you!

  8. Congratulations Jill! And not only a shout out to you for the work walking entails (and I know for a fact, it is work) but to your kids for doing it with you. How much exercise is made easier, when someone volunteers to do it with you. The energy it takes seems less; the fun doubled. (Hint, hint: now there’s something someone can volunteer to do for you.) You are amazing Jill. So positive and outgoing. Helpful. The dex helps me with energy and with it, a will to live better and fuller. Talk to you soon. Love, Jan

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  9. That’s is such an inspiring story! We are celebrating with you today all of these small victories that you continue to achieve.
    Sending hugs, prayers and good wishes.
    You are an inspiration to everyone who reads this!
    Thanks for sharing! thank you!

  10. So happy to hear this update, Jill. I just walked around the block and cheered in order to celebrate with you and your family. Lots of love and prayers!!

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