Canadian advocacy opportunity

Dear Canadian friends,

Here is a terrific advocacy opportunity that could bring years of life to some of the people affected by lung cancer. You could send this letter to your MPP and even email it to 5 friends / family members asking them to also do the same. (Note: it’s already addressed to the federal Health Minister, Minister Duclos, so please send one to him also.) (*You can easily google who is your MPP.)

This could help open access for people affected with lung cancer to get life extending drugs like the one that has helped keep me alive since 2018, Lorbrena (also called “Lorlatinib”).

The Lung Health Foundation has made a video with two lung cancer survivor advocates (Loverne Wowk and me) and Dr. Geoffrey Liu of UHN, the top Canadian researcher for this type of lung cancer. Together we urge you to stand with us, to advocate for life for Canadians affected by ALK lung cancer.

I have lived over eight years with ALK lung cancer, because I’ve been able to take drug after drug. I’ve benefited from four different targeted therapies and a total of seven different lines of treatment. This has greatly extended my life. The quality of life on targeted therapy is so much better than chemotherapy. Last summer on Lorbrena (also called Lorlatinib), I was up on the ladder painting our whole carport. I also stained our shed, planted a new garden bed and painted some of the inside of our home. I have been able to live well on targeted therapy.

Shouldn’t every Canadian be able to get access to effective life-extending treatments?

Please seize this great advocacy opportunity today!

(and let me know when you do)



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