Quick update

I’m at cancer centre getting chemo. I needed help getting in since my shortness of breath got significantly worse overnight. Thankful for the new lovely friend who drove me, the porter, the receptionists at the COVID questions table and at chemo, and my good nurse Jessica who went above and beyond. She rolled me in to spend time with (and give a The White Ribbon Project Ribbon to) fellow lung cancer survivor undergoing treatment here at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Taylor Westerman, and even took the following picture:

Jessica offered to help after seeing us take this one:

Here she is flushing my brand new port, inserted two days ago. Right now chemotherapy is flowing through it, into my body, fighting and destroying cancer cells! So excited and grateful to be using the new port! I know I’m new to having a port, but so far so good. Not painful. Thank you port insertion team. Thank you Jessica!

And thank you to the lovely young woman who brought ice chips!

In case you missed it, my shortness of breath got much worse overnight. I’m concerned and have talked to the nurses and asked for additional symptom control and supportive care. We continue to explore treatment options and hold onto hope.

Hope matters. Research matters. Supportive care matters. Keep holding onto hope!

7 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Jill,

    I got the word from Judy Needham that you are back in the hospital. I do you hope you manage to quickly regain your respiratory function.

    Thank you for posting us about your situation.

    Richard W.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the short breath. No fun.
    Glad to hear about the port–and that it is doing its job and making life a bit easier with this round of chemo. Wonderful! Praying the chemo does a good job and that your team can find something that will help alleviate symptoms effectively. Hugs from the southerners…

  3. Thank you for your uplifting words. You and the team have been a great encouragement for many years. Sending love

  4. Jill, thinking about you at so many points during the day. Keep fighting, my beautiful, determined and courageous friend. You are an inspiration for many of us fighting this fight.

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