Meet Kate, one of my friend Connie’s friends from when Connie lived in NYC. Kate was diagnosed with lung cancer. Anyone can get it. Connie still connects regularly with Kate, and connected us when she learned that Kate had LC. Kate now lives in LA and is treated by an excellent doc who Chris Draft knows. (Chris even introduced us at the AACR Annual Conference in Atlanta, in April 2019.) After the Super Bowl, Chris took the time to meet Kate in person in LA and give her a The White Ribbon Project Ribbon. I’m so glad that Chris and Connie went out of their way to make sure Kate knows she’s not alone in her lung cancer journey. What a difference that can make! Kate, Chris and Connie thoughtfully let me know (while in a hospital bed in snowy Ottawa) that he had delivered the ribbon. Thank you. The power of the Super Bowl! The power of The White Ribbon!

#TheWhiteRibbonProject #deliveryguy #team #friends #lungcancer #gratitude

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