Movin’ on up

Thank you so much for your kind words thoughts and prayers. Your support really helps keep a person uplifted, and we all know the difference that can make. Know that I’m grateful, even though I have not had time to respond to many messages. There has been lots of activity lately.

Did I mention that my oncologist is working (at this hospital) this weekend? He’s been in to see me, both yesterday (with the charge-cord-finding-doctor) and today. I’m grateful for that. What a difference it makes to see someone you know, who knows you and the case history. Trust matters and I’m very thankful that my oncologist is here.

Still no clear answer for what is going on or how to make it better, but more things have been ruled out. The plan is to see the pulmonologist on Monday or possibly later today. I was also given a steroid, and a blood transfusion will probably happen this afternoon. In the meantime I’m happily munching on ice chips, one of my favourite treats in the world!

I’ve now moved up to the seventh floor, in a pleasant room with a big window and view of the sky and quite a few trees among other things. I have three roommates who speak at least two languages other than English (one is sleeping). My bed seems comfy, with two pillows, and there’s a good chair by the window which I’m now sitting in.

It’s quite busy here, lots of hubbub, which may contribute to this post seeming choppy, repetitive and/or disjointed. Many pauses in the writing of this post with nurses, orderlies and doctors stopping in to do their work! A respirologist / pulmonologist came by a little while ago, asked lots of questions and suggested a few ways their team may explore further, including putting a scope down my throat. I’m not keen on that idea and he said he didn’t particularly enjoy doing them either! Haha! He plans to be back with the team later. He was also very kind. He noticed there was no table to use for lunch. I wasn’t concerned about it but he took the initiative to look for one, then set up something makeshift. (It seems the table which normally goes with this bed has gone seriously missing, not just out in the hall.) I’m grateful for people like this doctor who go above and beyond.

This might be a good time to take a few moments to rest if possible. Thank you for so many kind thoughts, words and prayers. I feel humbled and blessed by this outpouring of kindness and care. What an amazing group of supportive friends, and what a difference you make while I’m here in the hospital.

4 thoughts on “Movin’ on up

  1. Jill, thinking of you, hospital isn’t a wonderful place, but at least you’ve found some small gems there. Really praying you are better soon. Alison

  2. Jill, I hope you’ve not had too much discomfort and that you did get some rest! Thank you for the update. I wrote you a message as we were driving back from DC yesterday, but I’m not sure whether it went through. Mostly it was a prayer, which I will keep praying, and hoping, as you receive continued care, ice chips, and what I hope will be solutions discovered for your breath.
    Much l ove,
    Alison, for all of us here in Pennsylvania

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