Shortness of Breath

This is a good time to let you know that I’ve been experiencing some shortness of breath. It has suddenly gotten much worse, and yesterday a phone call to the nurse updated the team with that news. She thought we should try to move the date of my CT scan up, and took steps to make that happen. I got a call on Thursday afternoon with a reschedule for late Friday evening instead of next Friday. Very thankful for a good care team and the opening at the hospital.

When my friend dropped me at the main entrance to the General campus of The Ottawa Hospital, I thought I would be able to walk (slowly) to the CT scan module, but it turned out that I couldn’t even make it to the COVID screening station. I sat in a wheelchair that was “parked” nearby and texted my friend who came straight away and wheeled me to my CT scan, then to Emergency. A kind nurse there (who had lost both parents to lung cancer) hooked me up to oxygen, and my blood ox is now at 100%. I’m feeling so much better!

Obviously we need to figure out what’s going on and come up with a plan, so we’ve run a few tests and are waiting for results.

I plan to update you again when we know more.

Just checked again and the monitor says my blood oxygen level is still 100% – what a great feeling. Very thankful for oxygen.

11 thoughts on “Shortness of Breath

  1. I know how terrifying it can feel when you need air (oxygen) and so weak at the end of your limbs that you cannot lift, or walk, without help. Unable to calm the breath. Panting.
    In any case you’re past that now, on oxygen. Are you still in hospital? My thoughts, love and excess steroidal energy (💪) are with you. I hope you don’t need oxygen at home. Jan Frizell

  2. Jill, I’m SO glad and thankful for you that you got into hospital one week early. Your smiling face is beautiful —100% oxygen thankful! 👍🏼👍🏼 I pray that the medical professionals will be able to find out why that happened. In His love, Christine

  3. Looks like my previous comments have not been posted. I’ll keep trying to master this technology!
    My heart goes out to you Jill. I gather a long night awaiting scan results. Hopefully you won’t need oxygen at home… 🙏🫁Jan

  4. Jill I am in the exact same situation. Seeing a pulmonologist on Tuesday for pulmonary hypertension that showed on the cat scan, will take it from there. You will be in my prayers, 🙏 Liz🤍

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