Happy holidays!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I hope you are celebrating and strong in the confidence that you are loved, deeply loved. We have seen many examples of kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, strength and resilience over the past two years as together we have weathered unexpected challenges. We did not know how we would make it through. We were not sure we would make it through. But, having come this far many of us have grown in hope that we can and we will, that we are stronger and more resilient than we had known, that we are up for the challenge.

I’ve gone through a difficult chemo cycle this round, and am very thankful to be feeling “normal” again and working on responding to messages. I started feeling better on the 24th, in time to enjoy a delicious Christmas Eve dinner lovingly prepared by my beautiful daughter Abigale: turkey with all the trimmings. The teens/young adults and I spent much of Christmas Day together, chatting, opening presents, laughing and singing Christmas carols together. They went to their dad’s for dinner while I enjoyed a terrific plate of leftovers. I appreciated our time together very much and also enjoyed the quiet evening to reflect on Christmas and what a great day it had been.

On Sunday, after virtual Church and a quiet morning, I delivered Christmas cards to a few friends. It was lovely to be out driving, to see Christmas decorations and so many people out. I don’t drive much since COVID hit, and this felt like such a treat! I had a couple of brief chats with people who were standing on their porch while I was a good distance away, and a fun dance with a good friend who was in her living room while I was out on the street. Another delicious plate of leftovers tonight with teens/young adults for dinner.

So grateful for these good gifts and many more. There is no substitute for the good gift of time with people we care about.

COVID has struck good people we love, and obviously not just COVID. Threats are likely to be present in the New Year. Good gifts and opportunities will come in the New Year also. We resolve to hold our head high as we boldly stride forward, arms strongly linked together, working for the good, striving to control what we can control, taking risks and keeping our heart open to the new, to give and receive love and to extend welcome to strangers.

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