Today, December 12, marks eight years of survivorship.

Before I was diagnosed eight years ago today, I had no idea I could get lung cancer. My friends and I had no idea that anyone could get lung cancer and it was a complete shock.

When I was diagnosed eight years ago, I had no idea I would still be alive eight years later. I feared that the coming Christmas, Christmas of 2013, would be my last. Here I am in 2021 with some measure of incredulity, amazed that I’m still here eight years later.

You’ve heard me say many times before that I’m here because of biomarker testing, I’m here because of research, I’m here because of a clinical trial, I’m here because of great medical care, I’m here because of the support of my friends, I’m here because of the grace and mercy of God.

To everyone who has been walking with someone with a difficult diagnosis, thank you. We know it can be challenging and we are grateful. Caring can be scary, sad and very uncertain. It takes courage, strength and character.

Personally, I’m especially thankful for the gifts of: hours on the phone / zoom, homemade jams, cards, a very special birthday party, chocolates and other treats, flowers, drives, help with jobs, meals, a special pen.

Eight years of survivorship is really something to be celebrated! Today I raise my glass to celebrate you who have helped me walk this challenging path. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Jill, your resilience and resolve are remarkable. You have really put your skills and talents to work and I am so proud of you, friend. You have pushed the needle forward more than anyone else and your efforts will live on and on and on. Cheers to every single day ahead because you make me smile for all the people who are being helped because of what you’ve done with this diagnosis. You are not your diagnosis though, you are still the loving, tender and beautiful Jill.

  2. Respond

    Dear Jill,

    Congratulations on 8 years of strength and the grace of God to allow you many clinical trials. Your support and advocacy for others is stellar. You have a voice and made many inroads into the medical field and brought clear and powerful awareness of lung cancer and its challenges. God bless you with many more opportunities to access clinical trials. May God enrich your life and the lives of your children as they too have been courageous and hopeful for you.

    May you have a lovely and blessed Christmas 2021. May love, joy and peace be your most special Christmas gifts.

    love and laughter from Elaine


  3. So grateful to still have you with us! Your advocacy and grace in the face of such a devastating diagnosis are inspiring to all around you. 🤍

  4. I’m so thrilled to hear of you reaching this incredible benchmark in the ALK+ world.
    Your dedication to lung cancer advocacy is known and appreciated world wide, but especially here in Canada where you are so highly thought of by oncologists and lung cancer survivors alike. You are a true champion and greatly appreciated by all of us!!
    Merry Christmas Jill and may you enjoy many more years of life while advocating for lung cancer.

  5. Such a wonderful message of hope, happiness, and love Jill without trivializing the challenges we face.
    May you have many more years!
    Happy holidays, sending you a safe COVID hug! Bev

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