Seven years – Wow!

Cheers to the researchers, and the whole team who has helped keep this mom of three alive for seven years since a stage four lung cancer diagnosis December 2013!

I’m so grateful to be here! My life is enriched through knowing and spending time with a variety of very special people (whether online, on the phone or in person). I’m blessed with dear friends and meaningful work as a lung cancer survivor advocate. This weekend, two of my fellow lung cancer survivor advocates sisters gave our family this feast to celebrate my seventh “cancerversary”, along with a beautiful card. Thank you, Andrea and Kim! (photo’s of people all taken before COVID).

This seventh year has meant a lot because my youngest turned 13. She was only 6 when I was diagnosed, and she doesn’t have many memories from before then. During these seven years she has grown and matured, and I catch so many glimpses of the amazing young woman she is becoming. Now we’re in this brief, sweet spot where all three are teens. Parenting adolescents isn’t easy, but it’s a privilege and there is so much joy. The oldest is doing well in his second year of Electrical Engineering and Physics at University, and the middle one is currently enjoying a high school co-op placement perfectly suited to him and his love of music and music education. What a gift to walk with them through this season! #ResearchMatters

Here are some photo’s of the kids from the past seven years. We are so grateful for milestones and memories!

We owe a debt of gratitude to the researchers who, through creative brilliance, steadfast discipline and diligent tenacity navigate the twists and turns, false starts and dead ends that form the research pathway from bench to bedside, from idea to effective treatment.

And the whole team of administrators, statisticians, economists, funders, panel members, visionaries, regulators, encouragers, and so very many more very necessary and important team members, Thank you!

Way to go, team! Thank you! Thank you for working to keep me alive these seven years! On behalf of family, friends and communities, THANK YOU!!!

We had no idea I’d still be alive seven years after diagnosis. Please keep working hard with urgency so that I and others like me can live longer and better!

thank you

8 thoughts on “Seven years – Wow!

  1. So wonderful to know that you are doing well Jill! Hard to believe it’s been seven years. Blessings to you and Jono…


  2. Huge hug Jill – and may God bless you with all the comfort, support and health possible. You have been through so much.

  3. Wow, Jill. Happy 7th cancerversary! I’m somewhat surprised that in all our conversations it didn’t register with me that you were diagnosed a month after Terry. His 7th was last month. Our littlest grand baby was born 6 weeks after his diagnosis. She’s going to be 7 on Dec. 27th. Like you, we feel so grateful to all the people who have worked their magic to find the treatments that are keeping him alive. Blessed! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • What a great gift that researchers give to us and our people. So happy for you and Terry and your family and friends! Sending you love, Joyce, and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Hi Jill! I love reading your updates and seeing the miracles God is doing in your life. I pray for your healing and strength, Gods favor upon you and increased blessings in Jesus name. You are so inspiring!

  5. This was a great article ! I would love to know more about what the doctors did to treat your stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.
    Did you do a trial drug or Immunotherapy ?
    Radiation or chemo ?
    Congratulations on your survivorship !
    I am also a stage 4 NSCLC diagnosis!
    I was diagnosed in July of 2020

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