Bump in the Road

Time for an update about my health and treatment …

The lung cancer pill that I take daily is working very well, for the most part. Most of the cancer has shrunk and stopped acting like cancer, which is what the pills are supposed to do. But, cancer cells are not always all identical. In my case, right now, most of the cancer is under control, but some of the cancer isn’t. Some is growing and causing problems, so we need to take action.

I’m very thankful for my great health care team and the new addition to my treatment plan. We will add five radiation treatments to zap those pesky spots. Adding on some radiation is best practices, often called “weeding the garden”. Radiation starts on Monday, five days in a row, then back to taking the same routine of pills. Just a little bump in the road.

I’m very thankful for supportive friends who are giving strength and love, praying and offering to do groceries and bring meals and muffins. I’m thankful that I’ve been walking about 10,000 steps a day, stretching and doing weights. There is so much to be thankful for, including beautiful Fall colours!

So, good news that the pill continues to work effectively against most of the cancer. Good news that I’m in good hands with a solid treatment plan. Great news that I’ve got support. This is just a bump in the road, and we are holding onto hope.

11 thoughts on “Bump in the Road

  1. Jill,
    My prayers are with you – what a long journey this has been. I am constantly inspired by the way the Lord has used your pain and illness to bless others.
    You are brave, focused and a testimony to so many. I will pray that your treatments are effective. Radiation is so tiring.
    That said, I hope your kids are OK and that you allow yourself not-to-be-brave and not-to-be-focused from time to time. It is truly OK and healthy.
    The last ten years have been beyond threatening and I see clearly how you have grown in love and faith.
    Big hug my friend.

  2. So glad you see this as a bump in the road…hopefully just a small one! Will pray for you this week as you have your radiation treatments.

  3. Thank you for sharing Jill. The photos are gorgeous. Thank you for your honesty and I am glad the pills continue to work, and that the weeding of those other spots this week are zapped well. We wish you all the best and keep you in our thoughts and hearts. So right so much to be grateful for and that includes you. Wish we could drop by from down here in Thornhill. Anything we can to from afar please let us know. Hugs

  4. Sorry to hear this Jill but in my experience the docs here are great at dealing with these pesky lesions! We missed you at the lung cancer get-together.
    love, Jan

  5. Best wishes for next week. I had the same treatment over two years ago and still on the same meds.
    Wishing you an easy time of it, I felt tired for a couple of weeks afterwards but otherwise ok xxx

  6. Sending love and prayers Jill. Even though we are miles apart – you are always on our hearts. Sending virtual hugs – K & G

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