8 Maids a-Milking

12 Days of Giving to Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Where I take a moment from Christmas festivities to reflect on the connection to lung cancer.

This one is easy! When I think of Maids a-Milking, I think of nurses and others who draw blood, start IV’s, give flu shots, and other needles. What an important job! Dealing with people who have bad veins, or are nervous present even more challenges!

My experience as a lung cancer survivor participating in a clinical trial was a lot of needles poked into me at regular intervals. I tried to keep perspective, that this is part of the clinical trial which was keeping me alive and I was tremendously grateful. Now I’m also grateful that I’m not poked two or more times every three weeks.

I’m also very grateful for those who do the poking. In my experience at my cancer centre, they are very skilled and caring. Occasionally it hasn’t hurt much, and a few times I didn’t feel a thing.

Cheers to the people who poke needles into people with skill and care! We are grateful to you. We understand it can be very challenging and even the best don’t always get it right the first or second or third try, but we are grateful that you take your responsibility seriously and do your very best.

Thank you!

Here’s to nurses everywhere!

Here’s to my friend Kathy, the nurse, who called to sing to us and made our Christmas merrier! 😀 Thank you!

#ResearchMatters #ClinicalTrialsMatter #SkillsMatter #CareMatters #PeopleMatter

Team Jill:  https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/2020-lung-cancer-survivors-super-bowl-challenge/jillhamer-wilson

OR: Team Jill’s Canadian page (for Canadian Income Tax receipts): http://donate.ottawacancer.ca/goto/jill 

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