Grateful for Team

It takes a whole village! I’m grateful for the village that my daughter gets to be part of at camp. Leaders, campers, and so many behind-the-scenes-folks who have worked hard, given sacrificially, and made a tremendous difference for many people over 90 years. What a tremendous village!

It took a (much smaller) village to get my daughter to camp this year! My husband couldn’t, and I don’t have a lot of driving stamina. (It’s a five hour trip each way.) Thank you to friends who worked hard looking for a ride for her. The best choice was for generous friends to watch our dog, and another generous friend to come along and share the driving with me. So grateful for our generous team, and the strong support of our village!

What an amazing day! The dog-sitter (and family) was very happy spending time with our dog, and has offered to walk him while my daughter is away. I really enjoyed my day! Of course it was sad saying goodbye to my daughter, but I kept reminding myself about what a great time she’s having at camp. I did not feel tired out from the trip, in fact this morning my legs are full of energy and raring to go for a bike ride!

I’m very grateful for our dear friend Chris, who drove part of the way there and most of the way back. Our day was filled with great conversation, lots of laughter, a picnic lunch & wade at the Port Sydney beach, Kawartha dairy ice cream (thank you, Chris!), singing along to a great selection of tunes which Chris brought, and scenic Ontario views, some of which I share with you below…

Port Sydney Beach:

Algonquin Park:

Scenes From a Car, Ontario (taken en route from the passenger seat)