This past week has been one of the best of my life! It has been enormously transformational: I will never be the same. What an honour to represent Canada, to represent lung cancer, and to help spread a little bit of the tremendous amount of hope which is available.

I come home a new person with a deeper calling. I have an even bigger love for people affected by lung cancer, a stronger passion to make things better, and an unbendable will to work hard toward that goal.

It was an honour and responsibility to represent Canada and to represent lung cancer patients at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. I worked hard to make you all proud.

Twenty-three thousand people dedicated to fighting cancer gathered in Atlanta, and I wish I could have met them all! Thank you MP Catherine McKenna and your team for the Canada flag pins! I gave out almost 100 Canadian flag pins, and well over 100 business cards, telling our lung cancer story every time. I was honoured by these cancer fighters, and met brilliant leaders in the field, people who cared and listened. They are dedicated to improving outcomes for cancer patients, and research makes a difference! More research means more survivors. I thanked them for their work, and felt honoured when they thanked me for mine.

On my way to share my advocacy story at my poster session

I have many stories to tell, many photo’s to post, and more video posts to come on YouTube. I have been honoured to bring hope to people affected by lung cancer and other cancers, living in Canada and around the world. It brings me tremendous joy to serve as a channel of hope for the lung cancer community. #ChooseHope! … and keep your eyes open for more

I’m so grateful for all I’ve been privileged to experience this past week. It was an honour to represent, and I will keep working hard for people affected by lung cancer.

4 thoughts on “#Shift

  1. Wow! 23 thousand people meant a lot of energy focussed on cancer – research, treatment, life stories. So please and proud to be represented at this gathering by such an awesome advocate. Go Jill!!

    • You are so right, Joyce: 23,000 brilliant people all focussed on curing cancer, or at least finding ways for us to live with it, gathered together to share stories and be team. No time for silos! We are #BetterTogether #StrongerTogether ! So much reason to #ChooseHope!

  2. Jill I felt your enery at our support grp .
    You are an amazing advocate & person .
    Sorry I had to meet you thru a LC support grp but so very happy to,call you my LC sister .

    • Cecilia, you are so much fun! I’m glad to know you! I look forward to having lots of time with you in a couple of weeks.

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