Seize the Day!

Wednesday morning I got up, went to wake up my daughter, and knew I had to go back to bed. Jono (my husband) called the cancer centre, and the nurse said, “Go to Emergency!”. So I spent Wednesday at the hospital. I slept in various chairs in a variety of spaces, generally upright, with blankets wrapped around me for most of the day. Tests, IV fluids, pills … eventually I started to feel better and they let me go home to my own couch and my own bed.

IMG_20181205_161350199.jpgI am thankful.

For health, for healthcare, for a caring oncologist, for great nurses, technicians, doctors, researchers, cleaners, administrators …  Thankful to be home and on the mend.

Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Don’t wait to do good. Do it now!

Say those encouraging words.

Tell them you love them.

Make the donation.

Do that one task.

Make the call.



11 thoughts on “Seize the Day!

  1. Oh my goodness Jill , I am so sad to hear this , hope that you are on the mend . Thank you for sharing with us . I love your words of wisdom , advice & all you do for awareness . You are an inspiration . Cecilia

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  2. Glad you’re feeling better Jill after Wednesday’s not so good day. You continue to be in my prayers. ((Hugs)) Marcia

  3. Jill, we thank God for you. I think back to the time many years ago when we attended OTS and served on the student council together. I remember with fondness getting to know Jono in our Ottawa days. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit of your story with us, you are a very good writer. I am praying for you and your family today.

  4. God bless you, Jill. Praying for health and renewed strength. Thank you for inspiring us with your gentle, yet powerful reminders.
    Much love.

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