Living with Lung Cancer: Ottawa’s 1st Patient-Driven Mini Summit Nov. 27

I’m very excited about a significant event we’ve been working on. It’s about bringing hope to the Lung Cancer Community in Ottawa and the surrounding region… everywhere, really. It’s also about helping to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients, and those are two things that are very important to me.

Hope and Improved Outcomes are so important to me that I’m asking you to please help me spread the word about this Mini Summit which is happening soon here in Ottawa.

This event is extra-special because it’s for lung cancer patients, everyone who cares about someone with lung cancer, and anyone who wants to understand more about lung cancer. (That means you’re invited!)

It’s patient-driven, which means that fellow lung patient survivor Andrea and I have been instigating to make it happen, and working hard to bring our dreams to fruition. (We are Co-conspirators of Hope.)

And it’s happening! Tuesday November 27th, 5:30 – 8:00pm at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, in partnership with The Ottawa Hospital and Lung Cancer Canada.

It’s going to be terrific! We’ve got expert speakers: oncologists, social workers, patients, a caregiver, and time for Q&A. Topics include: latest developments in lung cancer treatments, dealing with symptoms and side effects, financial changes, community resources and more. I’m very excited!

Registration is required at the link below. It’s free of charge and a light dinner will be served, thanks to The Ottawa Hospital. We are grateful for the tremendous support! I’d like to give special mention to Dr. Paul Wheatley-Price and Jody Chaters. Jody made the invitation below, set up the event registration, and organized printing and catering. Thank you, Jody!

LC Summit Invitation

Here’s the link to register, please share it with everyone who might be interested:

Lung cancer patients who are informed, encouraged and empowered generally tend to have better outcomes than those who don’t. This is why I seek out, raise up, gather and partner with “Co-conspirators of Hope for the Lung Cancer Community”.

I would love to see similar events to springing up across the country, driven by local lung cancer patients with support of local cancer centres and networks!

If you want to help lung cancer patients have hope and better outcomes, let’s connect. We are stronger together. If you’re thinking about doing an event like this, please contact me: I’d love to help!

One thought on “Living with Lung Cancer: Ottawa’s 1st Patient-Driven Mini Summit Nov. 27

  1. Jill what amazing work you are doing to support lung cancer research and all those touched by this illness.
    God be with you and all who attend this event.
    I have 2 friends with lung cancer. Unfortunately they don’t live in Ottawa. Both are doing ok after treatment and prayers.
    You may know Marian Myles she was at St Pps but is now in Waterloo area. Had surgery about 2 years ago plus chemo.
    Much love in Jesus,

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