The Ride

What are you doing Sunday September 9? My friend Anna is going the distance, riding her bicycle 117km to raise money for lung cancer research! It’s not too late to help!

I’m incredibly honoured that Anna is doing this big ride for me, my family, and the lung cancer community! Check out my story and picture here on Anna’s fundraising page. When you support Anna, you’re encouraging me and making a difference for the whole lung cancer community.

Helping cancer patients is nothing new for Anna. She works hard all week long as a cancer researcher at The Ottawa Hospital, aka “superhero” (see my post here). But working full-time against cancer isn’t enough for Anna. That’s why she’s taken to her bike.

She’s done The Ride before, and she’s a strong cyclist. If I were a betting person, I’d put money on her being the first female finisher. But her real strength is in wanting to make a difference for people like me. I can’t tell you how much it means that Anna O’Brien is doing The Ride -a fundraiser for The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre- for me, my family and all the lung cancer community.

Lung cancer is by far the deadliest kind of cancer, yet receives little research funding. We’re hoping to change that! One in twelve Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer, and we yearn for better outcomes!

Here’s the difference clinical trials made for our family, from the story I wrote for Anna’s donation page. Thank you, Anna!

Seventeen months after diagnosis, I had run out of treatment options and it looked like cancer was getting the upper hand. Telling our three young kids about my diagnosis was the hardest conversation I’d ever had. I didn’t want to have to tell them any worse news.

A clinical trial at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre rescued me and changed our family’s story! That research extended my life two years: long enough for another cancer breakthrough to be ready when I needed it!

Four and a half years after diagnosis, I’m still on treatment, still going strong and so very thankful!

I was healthy and fit back in 2013 when we were blindsided by lung cancer. I had no idea that a non-smoker without asbestos or radon exposure could get lung cancer. I didn’t know…

Lung Cancer is by far the deadliest of cancers, killing more Canadians than the next three deadliest cancers combined. Research extends lives!

Only 17% of lung cancer patients are still alive five years after diagnosis. With the help of The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and generous people like you, I hope to make it to five and beyond!

Cancer Research makes a difference. Thank you for supporting the Cancer Research team at The Ottawa Hospital!

If you’d like to help, please support Anna here: Anna’s fundraising page. Thank you!

Anna O'Brien

Anna loves her work!