Front Page above the Fold

A terrific opportunity fell into my lap last week. The opportunity to tell about a unique support group which is making a difference for Ottawa area Lung Cancer patients.



November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month #LCAM and things are ramping up in the Lung Cancer Advocacy world.

I’m fairly new to this world, but lately I’ve been feeling a growing sense of urgency – perhaps even a “calling” – to speak out on behalf of so many lung cancer patients who can’t. Watch this space as I plan to post more often than usual throughout November.

The day after the first ever meeting of the Ottawa Lung Cancer Support Group, the leader asked if I was willing to be interviewed for a story about the group in our local newspaper.

I’m so grateful for my fellow participants and our lovely leader, but when the reporter asked me to tell him about members of the group, all I could say is, “Support Group is like Fight Club [a movie I’ve never seen]: what happens in support group stays in support group!”

Somehow I found things to say that did not breach confidentiality, and the reporter managed to tell the story very well!

Thank you to Blair Crawford and Wayne Cuddington of The Ottawa Citizen for kindly and skillfully telling the story of the first ever Lung Cancer support group sponsored by Lung Cancer Canada in partnership with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month #LCAM

Click here to view the web story with a video clip



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