September Sundries

Back to school has mostly been smooth for our family. The children are all at the same schools they were at last year, and everyone is settling into the September rhythms! I was back to the hospital for appointments this week, and everything seems fine. Cycle 24 has begun!

We shared a lovely few days with friends at a cottage last month: an annual tradition where we get together with a friend from University and his family. They have two kids who are about the same ages as ours, and the nine of us enjoy being together! It’s great to have long-time friends who feel like family, and we are thankful for these friends and our annual cottage holidays with them! We’re also grateful for the friends who generously let us use their cottage during the week. It’s a gorgeous cottage in a beautiful spot!


We swam every day, ate well, played lots of games and had good conversations about things that really matter! What a great and refreshing gift! I love being near the water, and sometimes dream of having our own little spot! Probably better to not add another level of complication to our lives, though! 🙂


I’m amazed by how much our children have grown up. They are loving, responsible and independent, and I’m very proud of them! They can pretty much get themselves ready and out the door in the morning…

… which is convenient, given the fact that I am getting over another round of pneumonia! I caught an ordinary cold, but couldn’t fight it off. To make a long story short, I’m on some good antibiotics and feeling much better now!

This month marks my last scheduled appointment with my lovely OT. I’m pleased with how our sessions have gone, and I’ve been developing and applying strategies which are helping make up for my current weaknesses and challenges. My post-concussion type symptoms are better, but I’m still suffering from them to a lesser degree. I’m hopeful that things will continue to improve!

I’m also hopeful that I may one day work again. I’m still not ready: too much fatigue and too little capacity, but I continue to work at stretching myself with the hope of increasing my abilities!

I continue to lead my weekly Bible study, which I immensely enjoy. I do music at church about once a month, occasionally speak at events and sporadically volunteer. I’m looking for another small, semi-regular challenge to take on.

There’s my quick September update! I hope this month is going well (so far!) for you and yours! Thank you for walking with our family. We continue to be grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support!

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