Wisdom and Limits

I learned that I qualify for free help from an Occupational Therapist, so when my O.T. came over, I asked for help organizing my fridge. What I quickly realized is that the help I actually need the most is in limiting my activities each day.

For the past few years, I’ve been pushing through when it’s hard. “Few” years? Maybe more than a few! Sometimes pushing yourself harder is the right choice. I’ve needed to push myself a lot to do the basics the past two and a half years. I’ve nearly passed out in the grocery store several times. (But friends and strangers have always been there to help me, praise God!)

The O.T. has come twice now. The first time, she taught me about taking regular brain breaks and “micro breaks” to keep in the “safe zone”. I had noted that my symptoms were similar to those suffered by people who had a concussion. My job was to pay attention and take breaks before I needed them to avoid the “danger zone” where I felt symptoms. Getting more education helped me to pay attention to my tolerance levels.

The second appointment (yesterday), my lovely O.T. taught me about limiting my schedule and keeping track of my “points” to help discern how much activity I can tolerate in a day.

IMG_5414.JPGJune is a crazy month for families with school-aged children! I’ve set up my binder to help me be organized and limit my activities. I’m trying to figure out how many points I can tolerate per day and how to appropriately schedule my life.

My goal is to stay in the “safe zone”, and thereby increase my capacity (and size of my “safe zone”) … so I can do more! 🙂

I’ve never been naturally gifted at setting limits. I always want to squeeze as much out of life as I possibly can! But right now, I am painfully aware that by setting strict limits I will actually be able to get more out of life.

Saying “no” to some things helps us say “yes” to others. Always praying for wisdom to choose well!

I’m starting to feel nausea and a headache which tells me I’ve crossed into the danger zone. So I’m not going to read over this post or edit it …



3 thoughts on “Wisdom and Limits

  1. This is great. I could have used that type of OT. The hospital DID encourage use of agenda, and that was great. What this program has that I have never seen is the acknowledgement of the the variety of tasks, each having different point values. Also, it acknowledges how life is different and has to be managed as such. This is super helpful. We knew that brain injury had similarities with cancer challenges…and it was such an affirmation. I have been alone for two days, just doing laundry and seeing what I have done in the past few weeks, after having out-of-town guests. I needed lots of recovery time. I hope lots of people see how this can help people, and help friends understand our daily life strategies.

  2. I’ve always thought that June is easily as busy as December with school concerts, parties, etc. Everyone with kids tries to do too much. Good for you that you’ve recognized and set limits. Enjoy the summer with some unscheduled down time. xo

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