In the News

A few appointments ago, my oncologist asked if I’d be willing to speak at a fundraiser for clinical trials. I agreed to consider it, and a few conversations later this was on the news:


I’m grateful to Patricia Boal, Bryan the camera operator, and the CTV news team for doing such a great job telling the story.

The breakfast is next month. I’m feeling a bit nervous, but I said yes for a number of good reasons and I’m glad I’m doing it. I hope my story will encourage and bring hope to others. I also hope it helps raise funds which will make a difference for many.

I dream of the day IV chemotherapy will be obsolete and cancer will be cured by a few weeks of daily pills with insignificant side effects. I hope it happens in my lifetime!

5 thoughts on “In the News

  1. What a beautiful story. I’m so happy to hear that you are doing better. I enjoyed our time at the workshops at the Ottawa Foundation. You certainly have touched many lives

    ( from the back to
    Living workshop😉

      • I’ve met with Sharon. It would be great to see you. I know Sharon is always up for a gathering. Just email me a time that would be good for you. I live near the General if you go there for appointments.
        Enjoy the warm weather.

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