A Reflection for Maundy Thursday


You may have looked like an ordinary man, there, veiled in flesh, removing

clothes that had shone, brilliantly blinding three who were told not to tell … yet


You removed the clothes, laid them aside, and took up the rough, humble, lowest-of-the-servants’ towel which you wrapped around your glorious self

You stooped. You knelt. You served. You King.


You may have looked like an ordinary person, but You, Living Water, water that would well up within a woman by a well and send her rushing off to tell her story, shouting invitation to come and see


You took the water and washed the feet

Stinky, filthy, crusty feet

Their dirt transferred. Swirling and sinking. Their grittiness gone. Fresh and clean.


Their feet made beautiful to feast, to remember and proclaim, to travel mountains and valleys, to herald, to live and to give good news.


And now you invite us to come to your table. Receive your cleansing. Be made new. Take up our cross. Take up our towel. Beautifully bring good news.



March 2016

(Exodus 34, Matthew 17, Luke 9; John 13; John 4; Isaiah 52; Philippians 2, Psalm 23, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 …)

3 thoughts on “A Reflection for Maundy Thursday

    • Thank you, Denise. In the midst of all the busyness of Easter, I pray the Lord is blessing you to be a blessing and preparing you for his feast!

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