Sweet Springs


Dear Friends,

It’s nearing the end of January and I’m noticing a pattern. When I started this blog two years ago, my goal was to post at least once per calendar month. So far so good. But lately I’m pleased to report that there isn’t much to say on the health front. Refreshingly dull, really! So dull, in fact, that my oncologist almost forgot to tell me that my latest CT scan again showed “No Evidence of Disease”!

If I reflect for a moment, I’m sure I can cobble together a few more updates for you from this month …

My physiotherapist graduated me from appointments for my shoulder. I continue to do daily exercises and see small improvements from week to week. She thinks I should be better in another four to six months.

I keep taking the daily meds, continue to go to many appointments and have regular tests as part of the clinical trial. One week out of three is pretty full of this activity, and it still really tires me out.

My energy level continues to gradually increase, as does my desire to make plans for the future and my hope to one day be able to work again.

I continue to have side effects. But here’s some exciting news: a couple of weeks ago a member of my Bible study began a comment with, “Now that you’re feeling better …”. I had to clarify that while I’m feeling somewhat better, I’m actually still suffering from a lot of nausea and other things that I then described to my Bible study group. A week later I told them I was feeling remarkably better: Significant improvements in those areas I mentioned! “It’s good to know specific things to pray for,” replied a Bible study member. Just as I suspected, they have been praying for me!  I give thanks, and it spurs on my own prayer life!

I am grateful beyond words for those who pray for me. Some of you I see regularly. Many of you I don’t even know. Thank you. You continue to make an immeasurable difference for me and our family. I’m sorry if I should have been more forthcoming about some of the difficulties I’ve faced. I don’t like to complain, but I also haven’t meant to be dishonest. It’s better for me to try to focus on the improvements, no matter how small, rather than getting bogged down in the mire of the many struggles I face daily.

Thank you for the words of encouragement that continue to buoy me. Thank you for the gifts which serve as a reminder of so much good. Thank you for the many kindnesses which have helped our family soldier on through what has been a sad and scary time.

We’re not all the way through the valley yet, but lately I’ve been reflecting and realizing that there is much value in this valley. We often yearn for those exhilarating mountain-top experiences, but rivers flow in valleys, and I’ve been privileged to drink deeply from  sweet springs. I’ve been surprised by joy and hope and love and grace and mercy in this valley … and we journey on.

May you drink deeply from the sweetest of springs,


3 thoughts on “Sweet Springs

  1. Oh Jill… What a beautiful Post. I am especially touched by the last paragraph about the flowing stream in the valley… Bruce just started his second round of experimental drugs a week ago Monday… The side effects have not yet hit. I needed your post. He is off work without a real – end date. So far, they are keeping us on and for three months we have internal coverage for preaching and I’ll pick up some of his other duties… I’m presently sitting at a silent retreat I organized and am just about to head to supper and then head home. (Lischa has come home unexpectedly to see her dad this weekend so I’m also eager to get home… Hannah and my Mom are with me.)

    I’d like to see you. Not this week… Maybe next.

    Blessings over and in you… ❤️


    ~ He is enough…


  2. Dear Birgid, you are all in my heart and prayers…

    There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God (Ps.46)

    Would love to see you. Msg. me with a time

  3. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us. You are such a brave and courageous woman of God and example to us all. I have just spent a weekend on retreat in the convent in Orleans such a gift to be in the company of amazing women and realizing more and more on this journey of life how much we need each other. With love, Lesley xx

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