Quick Update

Good news: this new investigational drug (I think that’s what they call it) seems to be doing good work! I’m feeling quite well, coping with the side effects, and I learned yesterday that the latest CT scan results are good! I’m very thankful for all the good!

It’s harder to update my blog lately because my computer hasn’t been working properly. It’s about a decade old, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m old enough to think things should last longer! I keep trying to squeeze another year out of it, and I’m not sure how much longer that plan will work. 🙂 I currently can’t copy photo’s onto my computer, and my phone’s not working right either, so I am feeling rather frustrated about technology right now.

Last week-end, a friend jokingly asked my husband if he was wearing the new Apple watch. He wears a Seiko that his parents gave him three decades ago, and it still works fine! 🙂

Somehow, even without instagram, twitter, tumblr or snapchat, and only limited texting, emailing and facebook, we’re having a great summer! Imagine that! 😉  Now if only I could post some pictures so you’d believe it … Hahaha 😉

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. So glad to read your good news. Never fear, your say so communicates just fine; no pictures needed!
    P.S. I often think summer is better without all the newfangled “communications technology”; what communicates better than real life humans who are together in real space and time?

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