This Long Day

Home from another long (9-hour) day at the hospital and exhausted. Many ecg’s and blood tests done (for the clinical trial). Good conversations. Lots of walking around the hospital to stretch my legs. Laughs with a good friend who brought me yummy green juice made from celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, pear and lemon – she knows me well! Even green juice couldn’t keep me energized on this long day.

Home now. Kids OK. Ate dinner. Can’t wait to go to bed …

One thought on “This Long Day

  1. May God’s Spirit offer you more than any (even amazing) green juice could as you sleep: May Christ Himself grant you peace & rest …. Sweet dreams and a body that is held in the Maker’s hands and restored and healed in His embrace.
    Love to you. Sleep well. ♥️

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