Prayer request Update

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love, warm thoughts and offers of help. I am so blessed and grateful for you all and for your many kindnesses.

I don’t know how long ago exactly I posted my prayer request – less than two hours ago, I think – but I can’t wait to tell you what’s happened since then. I started to feel better shortly afterwards, and have continued to improve. I haven’t coughed much at all since then and I’m breathing “normal for me”.

I cooked dinner for the kids, with my 11yo serving as “sous-chef”, and made up a new family favourite which the kids named “Broccoli-zo Miso Chicken” or “Magnificent Miso Meal”. We just finished eating and laughing together.

My 11yo just said, “‘You’re looking really good and energetic!” I told him about the prayer request I put out to you all. I really wanted to take a moment to update you, thank you and publicly praise God!

In case you’re interested, here are pictures of the food and the (quickly-written) recipe:IMG_3649IMG_3651

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