Brief update

A quick note to let you know two new things I’m very thankful for right now:

The joint pain has significantly decreased (and other side effects are not as bad as they were before).

The past two nights I have rolled over onto my left side while sleeping! I was woken up yesterday morning by my 7yo excitedly yelling, “Guess what Daddy!!! Mommy’s sleeping on her left side!!!!! Mommy’s sleeping on her left side!!!!!!!!!” Perhaps you heard her from where you live, but in case you didn’t, I thought I’d let you know! 🙂

These two join my long list of things for which I give thanks. I hope you know that you are also on my list. What are you grateful for today?

4 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. Hi Jill
    Yeah the left side. How sweet. I think I did hear her cheering.
    You truly know how to enjoy and take in all that is good and precious around you.
    What am I grateful for? My beautiful energized kids and hubby who is absolutely amazing. That I could take in two beautiful sunrises running in Niagara Falls. The time with friends over good food and wine. Seeing students I am training for cross country giving it their all as I put them through training and not complaining.
    It’s been a stressful week but life is good. Thanks Jill for giving me that opportunity to think about that. Hugs to you and family.

  2. I’m grateful for reading your blog right now to share this happy with you!! I’m grateful that Lord is always with me, with you, and with us!
    Best wishes for you Jill!! 🙂

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