Poison me, please!

No Charge

I’m so grateful for this new chemotherapy which has significantly reduced my cough! I typically cough much less in a day than I previously would have in an hour. I can talk all day long virtually cough-free. Praise God!

I’m thankful for medical science which has developed so many drugs for cancer (and other) patients. One of the chemo drugs I took over the winter was developed from a relative of the vinca (periwinkle) plant which grows in our garden. How cool is that! I’m not entirely sure why, but I found that deeply encouraging.

Vinca from our garden (In the Spring it sports beautiful dark purple blooms.)

Vinca from our garden (In the Spring it sports beautiful dark purple blooms.)

This new chemo that I am taking is in pill form, so I don’t have as many needles poking into me lately. The last poke I had (Monday) was for blood tests, and I hardly felt it at all. The skill of some nurses amazes me, and I always try to thank them when they do such a good job. The nurses who have taken my blood at the cancer centre are all kind and very skilled. I am so grateful!

This chemo is quite new, and targets the specific gene to work powerfully against the cancer in my body. I am so grateful for this huge difference it seems to be making in my body. On Monday I have an appointment with my oncologist after a chest x-ray. I look forward to hearing my oncologist’s opinion about the effectiveness of this treatment, and possible remedies for the side effects.

I’m also thankful that (for now, at least), I don’t have to pay for my meds. The pills cost $300. per day, which is more than I’ve ever earned! That little pink “no charge” tag is one of the happiest stickers I’ve ever seen … but I can’t help but think of the many people who don’t have this privilege, this free gift which I enjoy.

The line from “The Lord’s Prayer” resonates deeply as I pray it regularly: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God loves mercy and justice (Micah 6:8). What would our world be like if we not only talked like we valued these but also consistently acted like it? What would my life look like? Hmmmm…



3 thoughts on “Poison me, please!

  1. So good to hear this latest drug is having such positive results with the symptoms, Jill. We’ll keep praying for a total slam on the cancer. I am expecting this. In the meantime, I appreciate your updates and hearing about your lives.

    Dave is in the sky right now. Probably at your door soon! He brings love from all of us.

  2. Thankful with you Jill that the new chemo is helping and praying that it will erradicate the rest of the cancer.

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