Today’s news from the oncologist


I had an appointment with my oncologist this afternoon, and he is pleased with the way my new chemo is going. I seem to be coughing a bit less, but enough that it’s noticeable! He said that the side effects tend to start strong, then settle down, so I am hoping for this. I continue to see bizarre light shows at night which is somewhat disorienting but I think I’m starting to get a bit more used to it. My oncologist also said that some of my “side effects” may actually be due to going off steroids after being on so long. (Headaches, nausea, pain in joints & muscles, etc.) So some of them may disappear completely in a week or so … praise God!!

I’ve been wearing my anti-nausea (acupressure) bracelets which were really helpful during all of my pregnancies, but they only help a little with this nausea. I even took (for the first time ever) some of my nausea breakthrough medication over the week-end, and it still didn’t solve the problem. I seem to be on the mend today and didn’t even nap. I’m so thankful to be feeling better than I had been, and eating increasingly normal meals.

Now let me tell you about these photo’s that I took in the past week or so … the theme is signs of hope and abundance. First the heron: there’s a little park near our house which is home to a variety of life: ducks, frogs, turtles, fishes … and every so often a heron pops by. Seeing a heron brings joy to me, and I always thank God whenever I get the gift of seeing one. On this particular day, a gorgeous double rainbow arched over our neighbourhood, and even though I’d been in bed most of the day I went racing (ok – ambling) down to the park with the children to get a better view. Two of us brought cameras, and I was thrilled to get a few pictures of both the heron and the rainbow, a symbol of hope and promise from God.

The others are from our garden: cucumbers, flowers, and our ridiculously abundant raspberry crop (of which this is just a small taste!). These are some of the things that are bringing our family much joy this summer!IMG_0851


Thank you again for your care and prayers … we continue to grow in gratitude.


9 thoughts on “Today’s news from the oncologist

  1. Jill, this is awesome news! I’m staying in prayer for you but it’s so encouraging to read this. I can actually “hear” the joy in your post. Blessings on you, sistah! God is SOOO good!

  2. love the good news in your blog. so wonderful that the meds are effective. Praying that ALL side effects will disappear soon. Hang in there you brave one!

  3. Hi Jill
    So lovely to read your post. Happy to hear that the effects seem to be easing off particularly from your previous post. The light effects sound quite wild. I hope the effects continue to ease off and the new meds also continue to work in the concert. Your thoughts and descriptions of family and activities are so full of joy and appreciation I can feel it. You are a blessing to us all near and far. Photos are beautiful and wow nice raspberries (can just taste them). Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to step back and see whet blessings I have which is not always easy when caught up in frustrating moments. Love the poem. It’s really about the idea of pausing, to fully listen, see, feel etc. To be in the moment and understand what you are doing, seeing, and more. Great poem. Thank you for sharing that. Take care and I hope there is sun shining over you in Ottawa. Blessings to you all.

  4. Jill!! That’s an amazing photo — I thought you’d found it on the web! And to let everyone know — if you show up at her house she’ll give you raspberries: YUM!

  5. Jill, We are with you in the Lord. My He continue to supply you the joy and comfort during this chemo time.

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