New Chemo Meds

I’m thankful for new meds I’ll likely be starting on Monday. I’m really distracted right now, but let me attempt to tell you a few reasons why …

First, it was quite shocking to learn I had lung cancer, especially since I hadn’t been a smoker and I’ve lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. They did some genetic testing after the biopsies, and we learned that there is a new chemotherapy drug which has been quite successful at targeting the particular type of cancer I have. This is great news, since not only does it help shrink the cancer, but it also seems to generally be easier on the body than many other chemotherapies. I’m hoping to have an easier go with fewer side effects on this one.

Here’s more news, good and bad:

The good news is that it’s in pill form, so I can conveniently take it at home. The bad news is that it’s in pill form, so it’s not covered by our government insurance like the chemotherapy drugs we get via IV in the hospital. The other bad news is that it’s astonishingly expensive. The good news is that the cost is currently covered for me. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for this!

Jono picked up my new chemo pills this week, and learned from the pharmacist that I shouldn’t be taking them while on the steroids I’ve been taking since December. I spoke to my oncology nurse yesterday, and learned how to taper down the steroids. The plan is to start these new chemo pills on Monday.

I’m so thankful for this new medication, and hopeful that it will help me feel better without too many side effects. I am so thankful for medical research which is making a difference for so many people. I’m also very thankful for the ways that many of our costs are covered: this is such a gift!

If you are a praying person, please continue to pray for healing, for these new meds to work well, and for energy and encouragement for our whole family. Thank you!