Brief Update

Yes, things have been rather quiet lately on the blog-front. Many of you have asked for updates, and I apologise for my lack of communication. I am so grateful for your interest, your encouragement, your support, your care and your prayers. You are making a big difference for me and for our family, and we continue to be very grateful.

Here is a brief update …

I had a chest x-ray and saw my oncologist this week. It’s hard to tell, but looks like things are pretty much the same, or perhaps a bit worse than they were last month. I am coughing more, which is discouraging. Another CT scan and appointment in about a month …

My feet are still fairly numb, but increasingly I’m starting to feel things, like the tickle of sheets against my toes, or painful burning (which I imagine means the nerves are healing). Feeling also seems to be returning to my fingers. I’m thankful!

I’m loving being out in the beautiful weather. I’ve been gardening with the kids and walking, including some nordic walking. Some days are better than others, and I occasionally overdo it (can you imagine!), then  pay the price for a couple of days afterwards. I continue to eat loads of fruit and veg, and do the exercises my physio gave me. Overall, I’m feeling stronger, more energetic and able to do things.

I am very grateful for each day, for the faithful love of God, for conversations, for the moments with my kids … Life is a gift!

I read a quote by the phenomenal Dr. Maya Angelou the other day, which captured my imagination and got me thinking about calling.

“Nothing so frightens me as writing, but nothing so satisfies me. It’s like a swimmer in the [English] Channel: you face the stingrays and waves and cold and grease, and finally you reach the other shore, and you put your foot on the ground.”  – Maya Angelou, 1989

What frightens you? What satisfies you? What is your calling? Don’t let fear hold you back: go for it!


Phlox, our garden, May 2014
our garden May 2014