Rough Patch

Feeling very tired, rather nauseated, and exceptionally “chemo-brainy” lately.  I’m so thankful I was able to get to my Bible study this morning, and that my friends there prayed for me, lifting me to Jesus like the four faith-filled friends did in Mark 2. The nausea started to lift as they were praying, and I was able to be present with them through the morning. What a gift!

Parenting fail: although I had double-checked the email which arrived a few days ago informing us of the pizza day switch from Thurs. to today, somehow I got confused and marked the wrong child on the calendar, so that our poor 7yo only had a gargantuan plum, milk and yummy banana-choc chip muffin for lunch. Thankfully, she seems to have survived, and may even be growing in resilience?! 😉

I’m also thankful that our amazing 12yo cooked the Shrove Tuesday pancakes tonight – they were beautiful!

And, we’re very thankful for generous friends who have richly blessed us with a variety of things like: banana choc chip muffins, cupcakes, dinners and gifts this week.  God is good. All the time.