Super Foods (anticancer, anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing)

We cancer patients are blessed with a whole team to help care for us, including a lovely dietician who provided me with a list of “super foods”, and even a bunch of delicious seaweed recipes when I told her the only time I’ve ever cooked with seaweed was to occasionally make sushi! It’s been a fun adventure searching for and trying new things! We’re enjoying new shapes and flavours of mushrooms, and taking the “rainbow” of food colours concept to whole new levels!

I’ve read a bit from cancer dieticians, and the potential health benefits of a variety of foods seem amazing! I am grateful for this information, and the opportunity to eat healthier!

Basically, I eat LOADS of veggies and fruit every day (sometimes in juice / smoothy form), along with three to four times as much protein as I used to eat (since I’m on chemo).

Here (in case you’re interested) is a list of “super foods” I posted on the side of the fridge to help keep me on track  …


Cabbage Family (Crucifers): cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, curly kale, brussels sprouts, collard greens, watercress, turnip

Allium family: garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, chives

Tomatoes (especially cooked) – seems beneficial against prostate cancer, not so applicable to me personally!

Mushrooms: shitake, enokitake, boletes, cremini, maitake, Portobello

Seaweed: kombu, wakame, nori


Berries: wild blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate, grapes

Citrus fruits & juices

Probiotics: yogurt (especially with lactobacilli & bifidobacteria), kefir (eat with prebiotics such as: onion, garlic, asparagus, banana, wheat.)

Meat & Alternatives:

Fatty fish: salmon, sardines, herring, rainbow trout, Atlantic mackerel, arctic char

Soy, beans, lentils

Nuts / Seeds: Ground flax seed, wheat germ, ground walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts


Oils: Olive, Canola, Flaxseed

Spices & herbs: turmeric, black pepper, ginger, mint, thyme, parsley, coriander, celery …

Tea: Japanese green

Red wine (I’m not drinking while on chemo, plus red wine gives me migraines)

Dark chocolate (70% +)

2 thoughts on “Super Foods (anticancer, anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing)

  1. Hi Jill
    Your words and entries are so beautifully worded and shows your amazing strengths and humble vulnerability. We hold you in our hearts as you continue your treatments and all that it entails and hope for continued strength, good health and a lot of laughter. Hugs

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