Three of my Valentine’s Day Highlights


Our plate overflows with chocolate quadruple layer cake!

1) Not only did I get to go to a “Look Good Feel Better” workshop (for cancer patients), but I got to make a joke which caused the entire room to erupt in laughter. To bring these women such joy brought me immense joy! Wonderful volunteers and program!

2) My oncologist called me a “superstar” because I’m doing so well on the chemo and my blood work is excellent! I think it definitely has a lot to do with all the healthy food, warm thoughts and prayers people are sending – thank you!!

3) Hanging with my family this evening …

6 thoughts on “Three of my Valentine’s Day Highlights

    • Thanks Marianne – yes, often at church it’s just a wave from the other side of the room. But thinking of you guys; hope Joe is doing OK. Looking forward to filling your shoes playing piano this Sunday. Love & prayers to all of you.

    • Thanks Bill; we appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much. Praying for you all too. Glad to hear you’re getting some rain. Give our love to everyone; esp. Em as she heads off to 3rd year (sounds shocking to say that!). I think she has a new place to stay this year, right? Haberfield or somewhere like that? OK, catch ya later.

  1. One of my favourite valentine’s days occurred 16 years ago -2 days after my first daughter was born. So as I was bedridden no valentines for the hubby I thought but who came to the rescue with his favourite treats? Jill with homemade heart shaped brownies for me to give to him! You are a blessing to us all Jill! Your heart is the largest and my thoughts and prayers are with you

    • Thank you, Shannon – time flies! I’d forgotten the brownies, but I think of you when I make chickpea choc chip cookies! Love to you all…

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