About this blog …

“Through the Valley” is from Psalm 23, and especially meaningful to me in my current journey through a recent lung cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. My name is Jill. I am a 48 year old child of God, follower of Jesus, wife of a song writer/musician/music teacher, mother to three children (12, 10, 7).

I am new to blogging. I planned to never start a blog without focus, purpose and commitment … but circumstances change. I imagine this may become an eclectic mix of brief and/or rambling updates, prayer requests, and reflections … My hope is that it will help communicate with the loads of lovely, supportive people who care so much and gently ask for updates. We are so grateful for the amazing people who are surrounding us, helping us, praying for us, cheering us on and walking with us – whether from near or far.

7 thoughts on “About this blog …

  1. Jill,

    Hallelujah! What a wonderful name for your blog & thank you so much for sharing. Please please don’t feel pressured to put up every detail or make it perfect or flow. Only what’s on your heart my friend, that you need to share.

    You are in my thoughts & on my heart. I love you & pray for you continually. God bless.

  2. A blog ! How cool is this ? Very 2014. Just don’t start using those short forms/acronyms that my coworkers two decades my junior sprinkle in their correspondence or you lose me 🙂
    But seriously. Thanks Jill. This is very generous of you.

  3. Let thanks for this blog Jill it’s great way to keep informed of your treatments and to know how you are doing. Do give us your prayer requests.

  4. Hey Jill,
    We had NO IDEA of the valley you are going thru! …got here via facebook.
    We will join the other faithful warriors and cover you in prayer as the Lord lovingly leads you thru the valley.
    I know our paths don’t cross very often, but we are not too far to help fill a need – from prayer, to shoveling, to whatever….let us know!

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